Woman Marries Gets Caught With A LOT Of Husbands

Smart or stupid? This woman should have her own TV show after she married 10 men in 11 years-without getting divorced from any of her exes before moving onto the next one, according to DNA info.

Liane Barrientos, Marriage, 10 men, divorced

Liane Barrientos is certainly a bold, young woman. Living in New York, she would find men from all over, marry them, then decided she wanted another husband. And another. And another.

Finally, a marriage clerk caught on, and knew she had to stop this woman from becoming a star on TLC...'Brother Husbands'. Or something of that nature. The clerk caught her when she checked a box 'yes' that asked her if it is her first and only marriage. Well, it most certainly wasn't!

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Liane first got married in 1999, then married two more in 2001. Then she just started racking them up. She married six more men within six months in 2002, and in 2010, her most recent. All her marriages were held in different counties of New York, which might have been how she got away with it for so long. 

So gay marriage is still not okay, but when a person marries ten people without getting divorced from her other husbands, that's okay? Good thing she is getting in trouble for it!

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