Woman's Emotional Encounter With Walmart Cashier Is A Hoax

We never know what’s really going on in another person’s life and this woman’s experience at Walmart shows how being kind to people is always important.


A woman's viral story of a heartbreaking encounter with a Walmart employee is false, according to the store chain. 

The company contacted the store and discovered the cashier's mother is alive and well. Security footage from that day shows the exchange between the cashier and Paige Yore as being relatively normal with minimal conversation between the two. 

A woman from Colorado recently shared a video on her Facebook page, telling people about her emotional encounter with a cashier at a Walmart store.

Paige Yore recounted standing at the checkout counter and noticing a young man at the cash till who was having a bad day. He seemed disoriented, wasn’t able to dial codes or do his job properly and was constantly taking deep breaths.

Sadly, the woman standing in the line right in front of her wasn’t helping the situation as she went on yelling at the cashier, saying, “You suck at customer service. I don’t know how you ever got hired here.”

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However, to ease out the situation, Yore assisted the woman in loading her groceries but things got worse when her card was rejected. She got enraged and began screaming at him, saying he doesn’t know how to run the computer and that there was definitely enough money in her account.

This time around Yore took matters into her own hands as she requested the woman to move to a side since the young man seemed to be having a tough day. “He comes around the bagging area and he just hugs me. I’m weirded out and I hug him back and he’s sobbing,” Yore said.

He explained how his mother had committed suicide just earlier the same morning but he had to come in for work to pay his rent and bills. “And I don’t even have a mom anymore. And this lady is just yelling at me,” he said.

The woman who had been screaming at the man felt quite embarrassed for her uncalled for behavior. Yore, on the other hand, emptied her wallet and handed over all the money to him as he continued to sob.

“That really just shows me that no matter what… don’t jump down their throat because they are fighting a battle that none of us know about. We just have to be thankful to be alive, and treat people like you want to be treated. Don’t lay into somebody like that because you never know what’s going on in their life,” Yore said.

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The video posted on Facebook has been shared more than 14 million times in just three days and indeed conveys a strong message of compassion to everyone out there.

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