Woman Presumed Dead For 10 Years Found In An Internet Café

The woman left her home at age 14 after a quarrel with her parents. A decade later, she turned up -- playing video games.

A Chinese woman who disappeared from her home as a child and assumed dead recently turned up — calmly playing online games in an Internet café and very much alive.

Police found 24-year-old Xiaoyun (or "Little Cloud") in an Internet café in  Zhejiang province, China. She was taken to the local police station for further investigation because her identity card was fake.

 Xiaoyun revealed she had escaped her house at the young age of 14 after an argument with her mother over missing classes.

Apparently, the girl had spent the last 10 years eating, sleeping and playing online games in various cafes in different cities of China.

Since she wasn’t able to find a job, the girl managed to live on handouts that came from café staff and customers.

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However, when the police found her, they managed to trace back her roots and contact her parents, who were ecstatic to find out their daughter was alive.

“I’ve dreamed of her coming home countless times,” her mother said.

This is not the first time someone in China has lived in an Internet café. In 2013, reports of a video game addict surfaced, who spent six years in a café in Changchun.

Obsession with video games is a big problem in China, and these two cases certainly highlight the issue.

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