Woman Quits Job Through YouTube Video Showing Her Dancing Off To Kanye West’s Gone VIDEO


Winners never quit and quitters never win, they say; but what if you could quit and win all at the same time?

That’s what Marina Shifrin did when she uploaded a unique video on YouTube to let her boss know that she has quit her job. Whatever her reasons  for leaving may have been, we  applaud her guts and creativity.

The video shows her dancing around her office at odd hours of the night to Kanye West’s Gone. She  also gives the exact reasons for leaving her job.

"For almost two years I've sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job," she says. "And my boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets. So I figured I'd make ONE video of my own."

Hats off mvsdzb. Wish you the best of luck for the future!

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