Humanity At Its Best and Worst: Disabled Woman Forgives Robber

She forgives the wicked person who robbed her but is concern for his next victim.

Caroline and her husband from Seattle, Washington suffer from cerebral palsy, disorders that cause physical disability, and often hangout at the mall.

The CCTV footage from the mall shows the two of them in their wheelchairs while two suspicious men seemingly stalk them. All of a sudden one of the men approaches the disabled couple and snatch Caroline’s tablet out of her hands.

The helpless couple could do nothing but look as the two-some make out with their tablet.

Caroline, amazingly forgives the thieves, but says she was very angry because they scared her and made her feel unsafe, adding that, "I just think that if they'll target me, they'll target anyone.”

And while Caroline had diligently backed up her work, she said she was telling her story to warn people that the robbers’ next victim could be anyone.

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