One Woman’s Series of Epic Selfies With A Monkey Has A Really – Really – Bad Ending

Has no one learned that #selfies just make for embarrassing stories – especially when there’s a monkey involved?

Not much is known about this woman who had the most unfortunate series of selfies with a monkey, except that the Internet seems to love everything about it.

It has all the right ingredients for a giggle: a woman with a selfie obsession, and a monkey who seems to feel passionately about her hair. Her friend had to be THAT GUY and upload the pictures on Reddit, causing it to go viral, much to her dismay.

Here she is, getting ready to selfie with a seemingly cute and harmless monkey:

woman selfie monkey

Everything seems just fine and dandy. See, she’s posing and so is the monkey, who seems to be inspired by that famous painting of a scream by Edvard Munch.

monkey selfie series

But wait, this monkey has no tolerance for selfies or her hair or all of the above! It’s not clear why but he’s actually face palming himself. Maybe she didn’t ask for permission before taking the selfie, which is only fair because that’s the polite thing to do.

This leads to a complete freak out of all the parties involves. Selfie girl isn't happy and neither is the monkey! 

epic selfie monkey

Perhaps, as one Reddit user pointed out, maybe the monkey was feeling a little crazy. “I just wanted to touch her hair...then she, like, just totally freaked then I got freaked out, cause I'm a monkey... so then we were BOTH totally freaking out!”

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