Woman Totally Freaks Out On A Flight To Tampa (VIDEO)


Flying can be frightening, especially if you are flying for the first time. We are not sure if this was the case with the lady in the video above but she totally freaked out on her flight to Tampa.

What she’s yelling over and over again isn’t clear but Redditor [–]TheBlackHippy explained that she was shouting these four words: “God you're my savior!”

Here’s what people are talking about this video:

Sad to see her having an episode(?). How does a bystander even react to this? Or is it just better to wait it out and hope she calms herself down.


This poor lady is having a complete f**king breakdown beyond her control, and 80% of the comments here are making fun of her, saying how she needs to be gagged/punched, blaming religion, or being angry at her for getting on a plane in the first place (as if it's something she's intentionally doing).

Have a little decency. I hate that I probably interact with so many people like you guys every day, but don't have a clue how shit*y their thoughts and opinions actually are.

The internet... F**k.


I find it sad that nowadays if you have a super embarrassing public meltdown that it will probably end up online and there's nothing you can do about it

Watch the video above and let us know

how would you have reacted if you were with her on this flight?