Artist Creates Unbelievable Face Transformations With Makeup

May 20, 2014: From Mortal Kombat characters to Blue Avatars and Captain America, Elsa Rhae transforms herself beyond recognition.

No one can deny the powers of makeup. Just one look at celebrities sans make up and even non-believers will bear testament to this truth.

However, what Elsa Rhae does goes far, far beyond our conventional understanding of makeup. She doesn’t always use it to look good; she uses it to transform herself. What she creates is body art.

Her passion for re-creating Mortal Combat characters is obvious from her Instagram and Facebook pages which are laced with her as Quanchi and Scorpian. She also replicates the Grinch, Captain America and White Walker and many others to perfection.

As you scroll through her work, you will have a hard time believing that body art can do this.

Mortal Kombat’s QuanchiCaptain PlanetA Tip To Avoid Root Canals: Paint Your TeethHalo’s Mastercheif

Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion

The Grinch



Here are some more incredible photos of her work. 

Anyone who says makeup isn’t an art better think again. Elsa is one talented cookie.

You can catch more of her work on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook

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