Woman Wakes Up From Coma After Hearing 'Pull the Plug'

This mother woke up from a coma right on time. A woman who collapsed from a rare medical condition that put her into a coma has woken up after hearing her husband talk to doctors about possibly taking her off Life Support.

Jenny Bone, Woman, Coma, Life Support

40 year old Jenny Bone suffered an hypoxic brain injury, which put her into a coma after collapsing.

The doctors were concerned that she might not recover because they felt she would suffer major brain injury after going into cardiac arrest.

When the doctors spoke to her husband about the idea of pulling the plug, her husband said they should wait to have an MRI done before making a decision.

Jenny Bone back from dead after hearing doctors ask to switch off life support

Jenny heard the conversation, and soon after, woke up.

Now, Jenny is doing very well and has since participated in charity events, returned to work, and having fun with her husband and kids. 


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