Woman Reacts To Disneyland Surprise In The Craziest Way -VIDEO


Charlie Lippert knew his girlfriend Stephanie Hughes had a thing for Disneyland and decided to surprise her with tickets to Disneyland.

He presented her with a Disney princesses back pack stuffed with all the Disney goodies and her reaction is so emotional and full of excitement that you have a tough time remembering she is a grown up and not a 12-year-old.

Before you think this is it, you have to see her reaction when Charlie announces he has got Disneyland tickets for them. She loses it. You’d think he has gotten her all the riches in the world, she laughs and cries, hugs him and just can’t believe her luck.

At the end of it all, even though you marvel at her reaction, you can’t also help relating to her feelings; after all, isn’t that how we all feel about at least one special thing in our lives?

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