Love Puppies? Thank Shakespeare For That.

"What the dickens?" Do you know just how many common words and phrases William Shakespeare invented?

William Shakespeare didn't just create lasting masterpieces like "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet" -- he also added an estimated 2,000 words and phrases to the English language.

Words the Bard coined are multitudinous -- bloody, assassination, lonely, gloomy, gnarly, dwindled and actually multitudinous, too. Some are critical and rant (two more Shakespearean words) against those who believe Shakespeare didn't borrow from others here and there, but there's no denying his verbal swagger (yep, that's another one).

We even have Shakespeare to thank for the knock, knock joke: "Knock, knock, who's there?" appeared in "Macbeth."

On Shakespeare's 450th birthday, and the 398th anniversary of his death, check out these everyday words he's credited with inventing.

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