Work-At-Home Mom’s Hilarious Spoof Of The 'I Quit' Dance Video


Now here’s a cool response to Marina Shifrin’s I Quit video that went viral.

Brenna Jennings, a New England-based work-at-home mother, who also blogs for the Huffington Post, said, " I wished I'd had the smarts and moves to quit my first horrible soul-sucking job the way she did (though back then we still faxed things, so it may not have been possible)."

"Also, yes, I am wearing my boots on the bed," she said. "My dogs sleep in my bed—those boots are the least of my sheets' worries."

Well, her response is much better than that of Marina Shifrin’s former employers, a Taiwanese video animation company called Next Media Animation, whose attempt was rather sad. 

Enjoy the video, and do check out 9 Funny Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

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