They're Calling It The Best World Cup Ad Ever And Rightfully So

There is no dearth of World Cup ads out there right now; but this one takes the cake. Behold: the best World Cup ad for 2014.

World Cup 2014 is going full steam ahead and from local vendors to big brands, all businesses are jumping on the soccer mania bandwagon to appeal to their customers. Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Visa, Budweiser and Johnson & Johnson all have invested much in branding and ads for the big event but the ad above by McDonald's takes the lead in being the best so far.

The winning peg in this spot is their choice to highlight the event rather than their own product. So, in McDonald's tribute to the game, they have won the race of being the best.

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The concept is simple - nothing but a bunch of smart-ass trick shots by people, seemingly common people, everyday Joes from a young boy to a woman in heels, impressing the hell out of you at different locations throughout Brazil. One can’t help being impressed and awed by every frame in the ad.

However, they are not as common as one would think; the woman in freakishly high heels dribbling a ball like a pro is none other than Argentine model Fiorella Castillo and the impressive kid is Ciaran Duffy, a talented boy known as the “Irish Messi,” who walked-out with Spain and Chile on June 18. 

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This ad is definitely worth checking out. Warning: It will grip you from the first shot to the last and you will find yourself beaming at the end.

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