Behold – This Man Creates The World’s Longest Selfie Stick

What’s worse than a selfie stick? The world’s longest selfie stick, of course.

It's not definitely proven, but there's ample data to suggest that taking too many selfies makes you prone to narcissistic and psychopathic behavior.

However, the alarming fact hasn’t really stopped people from coming up with an array of new products that add to our selfie obsession such as the super annoying selfie sticks and even more ridiculous butt-selfie sticks to take “belfies.”

As if these gadgets aren't irritating enough, a guy from London has created the world’s longest selfie stick. (Yes, you read that right!)

Fortunately though, it was only for a prank.

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The U.K.-based prankster known as Trollstation on YouTube wanted to know how the general public would react to the super long selfie stick.

Wielding his gigantic invention on the streets of London, the guy poked the 10-foot long pole in people’s faces and even managed to take a few pictures of sightseers sitting atop a double decker tour bus.

Needless to say, the reactions are hilarious. Watch the video above and see it for yourself.

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