The Gorilla So Handsome That Women Are Flocking To Fawn Over Him

Apparently, this male ape has become a heartthrob among Japanese women, who have deemed him to be the most handsome gorilla in the world.

A male gorilla in Japan has the country’s female human population in such a stupor that they're flocking to the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya to fawn over him.

Legions of admirers even dubbed the beast the world’s most handsome gorilla, with fans praising his looks on social media with fervor.

Named Shabani, the ape came with a family of gorillas from the Netherlands in 1996 and was raised at Sydney's Taronga Zoo for 11 years. He was moved to Japan in 2007, where he has been living for past eight years. However, his fame is pretty recent.

Zoo officials claim that Shabani’s popularity pushed up the number of young women visiting the zoo, according to Rocket News.

As if fawning over this brooding ape wasn’t enough, young women are also using phrases such as “Ikemen” – word usually reserved for handsome young men – when talking about Shabani.

The fans on social media describe him as “attractive” and “good-looking.” The pictures posted online capture Shabani flexing his muscles, staring broodingly into the distance or playing with the younger gorillas.

To put it simply, Shabani has become somewhat of a celebrity in Japan.

The zoo administration is even using the gorilla’s picture for promotional purposes.



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