World’s Worst Cooking Error? Woman Mistakes Shower Gel For Olive Oil

One woman’s blatantly idiotic cooking fail has won over the Internet.

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Melony Jackson had thrown away two saucepans and was about to replace her dishwasher because her food tasted so bad. As she realized, the culprit wasn’t her dishware but rather what she was cooking with.

Jackson confessed on Facebook that she had been cooking with olive oil shower gel, admitting she is not “chef of the week.”

Her embarrassing mistake caught wind of social media when her friend uploaded an image of the bottle on Reddit with the caption, “My friends food kept tasting funny. She bought new saucepans and was about to buy a new dishwasher....then I saw what she was cooking with.”

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Users quickly questioned the veracity of the post with many calling it a hoax because how could someone really be that stupid?

PisseGuri82 user wrote: 

"The person in this (obviously fictional) story threw out their pots and pans, and was about to replace the dishwasher. The bottle seems to have been used for months. Months of diarrhea.

If that were true the person would, actually, be an idiot."

And another user, Dr_King_Schultz, agreed that the woman must be a moron. 

"Seriously, plus if you can't tell the difference between olive oil and soap from the consistency, you probably shouldn't be allowed near a hot stove because you are an idiot."

While others related to her experience, sharing hilarious anecdotes of their own:

User golfrinserepeat wrote:

I know a woman who, when she was about 22 or so, told me that she made brownies for her mother, the first time she tried to bake anything, and was so proud of herself. Her mom, upon tasting the brownies, asked her what the little crunchy sharp things were. She said "Oh, that's the egg whites."

Yah, she thought egg whites were egg shells...

And user meeolu pointed out that we all make mistakes:

"On an absentminded Sunday, my mother once used dish washing liquid instead of oil. The consistency was actually very similar. So were the bottles. The potatoes tasted bitter. We had a laugh and diarrhea. People sometimes just have a lot on their mind, doesn't make them an idiot."

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