#WorstDateEver Hashtag Trending On Twitter Is Hilarious

The hashtag is taking Twitter by storm - it's an early, fantastic holiday gift.

#WorstDateIn5Words is trending big time on Twitter and the results are LOL funny. 

Almost everyone has had a horrible date. Perhaps your escort for the evening is rude, less-than-intelligent or has a dealbreaker characteristic. 

These experiences used to be whispered to besties or scribbled in a journal. NO MORE! Folks are flocking to Twitter to share personal stories. The results are funny and creepy. 

We've done the searching so you don't have to! Enjoy!

And here's a one with a helpful visual:

Even the big brands are chiming in. Gigantic drive-up hamburger overlord tweeted: 

They didn't really follow the rules...but we'll give them a pass for being clever. 


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