Wow! You Won't Believe What This Janitor Does During His Breaks

Hospital janitor plays piano so patients, loved ones can 'forget their worries'

Most people chill out during a break at work - grab a snack, surf the web, make a phone call. 

But this hospital janitor uses his time off for something special.  Rolando Maaba, has a 15 minute break, he plays the piano for patients and their families. 

Maaba, from the Philippines, started working for the Rockford Health System's Rockford Memorial Hospital in Illinois about a year ago.

Musically gifted, his beautiful songs bring a peaceful feeling to what can be a very stressful place. 

"I play for 14 minutes and 39 seconds a day," he said. 

Maaba plays songs he knows by ear with upbeat tunes to make his spectators happy, ABC News reported. 

Give a listen and get ready for chills! 

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