X-Ray Scan Reveals Mummy Hidden In Statue For 1000 Years

The body of a monk was found hidden in a golden Buddha statue.

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For 1000 years, this golden statue of Buddha held in it the mummified body of a monk. Scientists discovered the body after putting the statue through a CAT scan. After years of research, they realized that the organs were missing and pieces of paper with Chinese inscriptions were sitting in their place.

Experts believe the monk was a Buddhist master called Liuquan who taught in the Chinese Meditation School. Apparently, he was one of a few monks to successfully undergo a self-mummification process, which involves a special diet of poisonous tea. The toxins in the monk keep maggots from eating the body after death.


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The monk was apparently highly revered and remained uncovered for a full 200 years before becoming encased in the golden statue.

Doesn’t this make you want to put every old statue through an X-ray just to see what might be hiding inside? The world is a fascinating, beautiful place.


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