Yelp Reviewer Caught Lying On Restaurant's Camera

This guy had no chance. One Yelp reviewer got a pretty shocking surprise when a restaurant he poorly reviewed caught him completely lying about his experience.

'Wonderful', a popular Chinese restaurant in the Bay Area normally gets pretty good reviews on Yelp. Typically, the owners of the family-owned restaurant don't pay attention to the reviews, but on this day, they did. And, the son, You You Xue, wanted to get to the bottom of a bad review.

The review said that the man, Dan W., walked into the restaurant around 7:30, and was refused a table because he was a party of one. He gave pretty good details about the poor service he faced. 

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You You Xue was a little suspicious about this comment, so he checked out the restaurant's Dropcam surveillance footage to see if Dan W. was literally giving the restaurant a run for their money.

In the video, Dan W. can be seen walking into the restaurant, noticing the long wait list, and turned back outside, without interacting with staff whatsoever.

Then, You You Xue completely called this man out on his lie, and well, Dan W. probably won't be getting a lot of attention for his reviews for quite some time. 

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