You Don't Say! This Is The Ultimate Nicolas Cage Prank

Once Nicolas Cage is in your ice cube trays, you can't deny it: You've been Cage'd.

In a prank war between two brothers, one just pulled the nuclear option: the Nicolas Cage maneuver. 

The man decided to lie in wait with a full 3,200 Nic Cage faces, waiting for just the right moment to unleash Cage on his unsuspecting brother. And then came the Cage'ing. 

The Australian man came home to find Cage had replaced everyone in family photographs (including, somewhat disturbingly, a baby), Cage hiding in the washer and socks full of Cage. He's even in the ice cube trays.

Getting Cage'd is the new normal for some unfortunates, it seems. When most roommates move out, they clean up their room, leave the key and go on their merry way. Not this guy.

An imgur user decided to go out with a bang and an unreal amount of Nicolas Cage cutouts, blanketing his apartment with Cage's face before he moved out. He left the somewhat terrifying "gift" for his two roommates to find after they returned from a holiday.

There's Cage in the coffee maker, on the tortilla chips bag, hiding in a mint tin and even a Nic Cage in a Nic Cage movie -- very meta. 

Why Nic Cage? Well, why not? He's actually one of the most enduring Internet memes, with the "You Don't Say" graphic used to mock obvious statement on comment boards, dressing up Cage as everyone from Queen Elizabeth to Richard Simmons, and whatever else the Web can dream up on a daily basis. 

Now there's proof Cage is in on Cage'ing. He showed up recently wearing a T-shirt of himself. Mr. Cage, we applaud you. 

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