Dogs Priceless Reaction When She Finds Out She Is Cancer-free!

Lily waits patiently as Mrs Makai begins to recount her story.

Everyone knows that the quicker you find and diagnose cancer, the better chance of survival.

After her pet dog Lily came down with an illness, YouTube user Mrs. Makai took her to the vet where they found a tumor on her spleen. Poor Lily was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma; a cancer which more than half of Golden Retrievers die from.

The vets told the family it was better to put down Lilly to ease her pain. The doctors then said that even with surgery, Lily would only have a few weeks – and the only way she’d have more time was if the tumor was benign. There was only a 10 percent chance that Lilly’s six-pound tumor was benign. But Mrs. Makai still paid for the surgery and hoped for the best. The doctors had already told Mrs. Makai, they never had a dog survive with it, the owner says in the YouTube video.

One week later, they received the results. The owner received some good news and was thrilled to share it with Lily. Watch Lily's joy as she finds out she's cancer-free.