You Will Never Be As Manly As This Russian Saving A Drowning Dog

There comes a time in every man's life when he must embrace that he is not the man he once thought he was. For many that moment will be watching this video.

When 21-year-old, known only as Ivan, saw a dog struggling in a freezing river just outside of his village in Moscow he must have thought to himself “what would a cartoon Russian person do?”

In a brazen display of the thick-skinned toughness that his people are so known for, Ivan dived into the frozen waters and swam after the dog, breaking the ice away as he went.

Perhaps feeling that the limited protection and warmth his clothing offered would cheapen his movement of heroism; Ivan also stripped off his shirt and allowed the icy black liquid to attack his flesh unopposed.

When he finally reached the dog Ivan once again decided to make other men around the world feel inadequate by smashing the ice around the arm to smithereens with his bare arms and hands.

Once the ice was cleared Ivan gathered up the distressed K-9 in his arms and made for shore. Both Ivan and the dog have recovered from the ordeal (which should surprise no one since Ivan is clearly made out of some sort of iron or steel substance rather than the standard flesh and bones found on most humans).

After discovering that the dog had no owner, Ivan decided to take in the pup himself. He named him Rex and the two have become something of an inseparable duo according to The Daily Mail.

Russia is currently experiencing the usual frigid temperatures as winter presses on, and one can only hope that more heroes like Ivan will rise up to save those placed in most danger by the cold. 

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