This Is Why You Should Always Take The Stairs

June 10, 2014: A man is fighting for his life at a hospital in Chile after a most unusual and terrifying elevator accident.

The fear that occupies the mind of most people when using an elevator is getting stuck halfway in the air in case of a malfunction. Some also dread the thought of it plunging downwards and crashing but very few could've envisioned what happened to a man named José Vergara Acevedo in an elevator in Chile.

CCTV footage shows that the 31-year-old entered his apartment's elevator to go to the floor he lives on. However, the lift malfunctioned, sending the lift surging upwards uncontrollably. Acevedo panicked and pressed all the buttons on the panel to make it stop, but nothing was working.

It soon reached the speed of 80kmh and went through 34 floors in a mere 15 seconds, eventually crashing into the roof of the building.

Close inspection of the footage reveals that the outer door of the elevator had closed long before the inner one did. Once in transition, the inner door opened too before reaching the outrageous speed that it did.

The CCTV camera stopped functioning on impact, but local newspapers later revealed that he was badly injured in the accident and is still in the ICU, battling for his life.

According to one of Acevedo's neighbors, it was known that the elevator had issues, but it was still kept open for use. Moreover, experts believe that the lift must not have been following the standard industry code for elevator security because if it had been, an accident of the kind must not have been possible.

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