Young Men And Women Are Dyeing Their Hair Gray To Get #GrannyHair

Looking old is the new way to look hip. Grandmas everywhere, stop dyeing your hair and embrace your silver locks.

Silver or gray hair is now the latest trend to hit the Millennial generation. Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pink, and Kelly Osbourne have been seen sporting the new look.

The trend evolved from people dyeing their hair platinum, and then eventually darkening it out into a gray. From pinterest to Instagram, silver hair is really catching on.

Is it time to welcome the streaks of silver a little early in order to fit in with the times? 


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#GrannyHair Is The Hottest New Hair Trend In The World 


#grannyhair #thanks @chomunny

A photo posted by Amanda (@amandu) on


That hair though ??????

A photo posted by Hollie Conville (@hconville) on


sooo I did a thing... silver/lavender + gray ?? does this make me a #silverfox now? ???? #selfie #grannyhair Color: @kelseynotabarber

A photo posted by ????????? jon // MMVIII (@mm_eight) on



A photo posted by Ian Adams (@adamsian) on


So bored with my hair....really contemplating the #grannyhair trend

A photo posted by Sandra Kirwan (@sandra_kirwan) on

Will you be dyeing your hair silver?  


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