YouTube Ban On Fat-shaming Comedian Just Gives Her More Publicity

In this most egregious instance of fat-shaming, we see how empty, unhelpful, and ill-spirited some people's "concern" for overweight and obese people truly is.

UPDATE: Days after posting the controversial fat-shaming video, Nicole Arbour has lost her job.

The Canadian YouTuber, who was supposed to choreograph an anti-bullying film "Don't Talk to Irene," has been fired after Toronto-based director Pat Mills saw the "fat-shaming" video.

"She seemed like a perfect fit for the project. I shared the script with her. She said she dug it and was excited to come on board…and then a crazy thing happened on Saturday—I saw something on the Internet that made me never want to see her again," Mills told Zap2it.

Meanwhile, Arbour has not apologized for her video.


The YouTube Channel belonging to Nicole Arbour, the internet "comedian" who recently came under fire for a mean-spirited video titled "Dear Fat People," has been suspended and then swiftly restored.

criticizing fat people video

Unfortunately for those of us who've long tired of lazy fat-shaming humor followed by claims that fat-shaming isn't even a thing, YouTube's ban and reinstatement of Arbour's channel has just offered her fifteen more minutes of ill-gotten fame.

nicole arbour

Now, instead of having her video fall into the forgotten margins of the interwebs, Arbour is able to prolong its notoriety by pretending martyrdom. She's even gone as far as to claim that the backlash against her video is the result of sexism:

"The reason there's an issue is because I don't "look" like a traditional comedian. If I were a guy, people would have lol'd n moved on."

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It's ironic that a person vaguely keyed-in to the genuine issue of sexual discrimination, in the comedy world and beyond, could be so utterly oblivious to the comparable impact of fat-shaming, on women and men both. In the now notorious video, Arbour relents that discrimination on the basis of race and sexual discrimination are real problems, but that:

fat shaming video

She then proceeds to pull out every dusty old fat joke under the guise of "concern" for others' health.

overweight shaming video

Obviously, the impact that such insensitive moralizing has upon the mental health of people struggling with weight issues doesn't occur to Arbour.

The one bright spark in this otherwise sordid story, however, is that Arbour's video has inspired some great body-positive responses.

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