YouTube Prankster Helps Homeless Man In The Most Moving Way

This video will make you believe in the goodness of people and the human spirit. Watch how the generosity of YouTuber Magic of Rahat and many other internet users raised enough money to get a homeless man accommodation and necessary supplies for a year.

Rahat is known for his pranks and tricks, but this has got to be his best ‘trick’ so far.  Rahat knew Eric as the homeless man who hung around a local shopping centre. He was known to be a nice and respectful guy and Rahat wanted to do something to help him.

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A fake lottery ticket was given to the homeless man, and he was told he could keep whatever he wins from the ticket.  It turned out to be $1000.

The act went viral.

“So many amazing people have asked me how they can help Eric, so I created this online fundraising page for him! The money will go directly towards getting Eric on his feet and improving his quality of life,” said Rahat.

He started the fundraising campaign for Eric with a goal to raise $20,000. He was amazed, however, when within 17 days the campaign gathered $44,000.

The video shows what Rahat and his friend did with the money. They rented a house for a year, furnished it, and bought all necessary supplies and put the rest of the money into a joint account for Eric to use. Rahat would be overseeing the transactions but promised he would not be touching any money in it.

What’s more, Eric found a job, so he’ll be able to support himself and money left over from the fundraiser in the account in case of need.

Amazing isn’t it?

As one of Rahat’s followers on Facebook says, “Your videos are entertaining, and all, but this was truly magical. I mean, amazing how he wanted to share the wealth whole heartily. Great story and inspiration to just give back to others.”

Hats off to the young trickster.

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