YouTube Prank Sensation Thinks Groping Women Is Funny

People, please don’t share the video. It’s sickening.

For those of you who don’t know him, Sam Pepper is a YouTube prankster who also appeared on Britain's "Big Brother" reality series.

It appears that the guy is quite famous, at least online, as his videos frequently attract over a million views – mainly due to their outrageous content.

However, he took that outrageousness to another level over the weekend when he uploaded his latest “prank” video in which he went around pinching unsuspecting women's butts in public.

One woman was so shocked that she exclaimed "Oh my god, no!" in horror. Pepper simply grinned back as if it wasn’t a big deal.

This exercise is not only sickening, but is an all out-and-out case of sexual harassment.

And portraying such an act as a joke on the Internet is even more disgusting.

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While the video in question has – predictably – prompted furious online backlash, especially on Twitter, there is one thing that people should really refrain from doing: Do not share or pass on the video. Please.

Online sensations like Pepper thrive on YouTube views. By watching the so-called prank video, viewers will only provide the man what he is looking for – fame and money.

As far as the question “if we don’t watch it how will we know it’s bad?” is concerned, here is a GIF from the video just to give you an idea of how outrageous Pepper’s idea of a joke is.

Thankfully, many people unsubscribed from his YouTube channel, demanding the video to be removed.

Some even started the hashtag #ReportSamPepper on social media, with the majority of users calling for the YouTuber to be reported to the police for sexual harassment.

Pepper hasn't yet responded to the criticism or sexual harassment claims.

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