YouTube’s Comedy Week: What Kind Of Asian Are You? (VIDEO)

So, what kind of Asian are you? Where are you exactly from? These are questions that many Asian-Americans face multiple times. The video above shows what they’d actually like to answer to such questions.

The description of the video reads:

‘This video is part of YouTube's comedy week and was Co-directed by David Neptune and Ken Tanaka.’

‘Scott Beehner is an actor from the Groundlings comedy troupe, and lots of tv shows like Zeke and Luther, Sunny in Philly, and Workaholics. Stella Choe is an actor and professional dancer from The Muppet Movie and other films and tv shows.’

‘In this video, What Kind of Asian are you? Scott plays a friendly jogger who is very interested in guessing the heritage of Stella.’

The hilarious sketch comedy video has gone viral over the weekend and has gained over350,000 hits.

Enjoy the video above.

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