Zookeepers Spoof Iconic Jurassic World Scene With Animals

If you have access to animals and at least some of their trust, why wouldn't you do this?

Everyone loves Christ Pratt and dinosaurs are cool, so it’s no wonder that Jurassic World made so much money opening weekend that if you took all that money and stacked it into the shape of a dinosaur it would be bigger than a t-rex.

Jurassic World is the gift that keeps on giving because besides being a fun movie, it gave us an unbelievably great new meme: Jurassiczoo.

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Zookeepers from all over are taking to social media to recreate Chris Pratt’s now iconic scene in which he controls three velociraptors his character has  trained using a small clicking pen.

The results are adorable, funny and sometimes frightening. 

Crocodiles are pretty close to dinosaurs, so points for accuracy.

These seals don't look like they'd be moving anyway.

That's some brave zookeeping


And last but not least, a reverse Jurassiczoo

Christ Pratt has responded on Twitter by saying he is with everyone who thinks this meme is great. "This is absolutely awesome!" 

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Banner photo credit: Twitter/@TomWarwick89

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