With the fate of the Weinstein Company in limbo, a woman bidder has set her sights on it with plans to completely revamp its leadership and vision.

While Harvey Weinstein’s legacy and reputation are down the drain, the Weinstein Company may have a bright future with the first reported bidder looking to take over being a woman.

According to Jezebel, Maria Contreras-Sweet has been identified as a prospective candidate to buy the company. Contreras-Sweet is the former head of the Small Business Administration under President Barack Obama.

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Despite the fact that many people want to see the Weinstein Company extinct, Contreras-Sweet believes that “reorganizing the company as a woman-led venture will be an inspiration to the industry.”

“Ms. Contreras-Sweet said she hopes to be executive chairwoman of a majority-female board heading Weinstein Co., which would be renamed,” The Wall Street Journal reports. “She also wants to set up a fund for victims of alleged sexual misconduct by the studio’s recently fired co-chairman Harvey Weinstein and a mediation process to reach settlements with them.”

She also reportedly wants to keep nearly all of the company’s 157 employees as well as move forward with the movie and television studio projects underway. However, her proposal does not seek to retain Bob Weinstein, who is now facing sexual assault accusations of his own.

Other potential bidders include Lionsgate, A&E, and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. Last month, the private-equity firm Colony Capital was also entering negotiations to make a move on the company; however, they intended to keep Bob Weinstein to run the Dimension Films division.

If Contreras-Sweet succeeds in her mission, the new vision she plans to bring to the table should be a breath of fresh air that will, hopefully, result in a fresh and clean slate for the embattled company responsible for so many great works.

Additionally, the delightful irony of a woman taking over to replace a notorious womanizer and sexual predator would be a glorious ending to an otherwise sickening and devastating story. 

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