Less than three days after he was elected the next U.S. president, Trump took to Twitter to complain about people exercising their First Amendment rights.

After Donald Trump’s unprecedented presidential victory, a lot of his critics — more than half of the people who voted, actually — began coping with the shock by hoping he would, perhaps, tone down his brash rhetoric now that he is set to run the highest office in the country.

But Trump, being Trump, took less than three days to dash those hopes by complaining on Twitter about thousands of people protesting against the election results in different parts of the country.



Totally ignoring the fact that protesting is a basic Constitutional right, the former reality television star whined about people opposing his election.

Does he really expect people to let go of the fact that he is a president-elect who has been accused of committing sexual assault by at least 12 women and has also been accused of raping a 13-year-old girl, who avoided paying taxes for over 18 years, lied about it and then shamelessly bragged about not paying them, who allegedly committed various acts of fraud in the name of charity and education and has no political experience whatsoever?

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Also, Trump’s “incited by media” jibe confirms his war against media is far from over. He has, after all, vowed to open up libel laws to make suing the media easier.

It’s even scarier now, given the fact that he is actually going to be the next president of the United States.

However, that’s exactly what a Trump presidency was expected to unleash: a wave of fear and uncertainty.

Yet in true Trump fashion, the president-elect switched his position on the protesters. After demeaning the activists' actions, a mere eight hours later, Trump was praising their "passion." The juxtaposed tweets perfectly highlight Trump's notorious flip-flopping. 

It’s also important to mention here that days before Election Day, Trump’s Twitter account was reportedly taken over by his advisers in a bid to stop him from further damaging the campaign with his foul-mouthed tweets.

But it appears the boorish billionaire has taken back control of his account and is once again doing what he does best: complaining and fear-mongering.

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