The Republican presidential nominee’s plans for his first 100 days in the office include suing all the women who have accused him of inappropriate behavior.

During an aggressive speech in Pennsylvania, Donald Trump finally got around to reveal his policies in case he is elected president and the world gets to witness the decline of a modern empire.

The GOP nominee's first move after the elections will be to sue each one of his accusers — the women who have recently come forward with sexual assault allegations against the media mogul. 

The speech, on sacred historic ground in Gettysburg no less, was billed as a "groundbreaking contract with the American voter." Instead it was another screed against Trump's imagined enemies from a man who simply cannot bear the fact that he's headed for a defeat on Nov. 8.

In his familiar drawl, Trump said each accuser lied to "hurt his campaign." He complained, yet again, that the election was rigged against him and these women were part of the ploy to sway the elections in his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton's favor.

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Since the decade-old tapes of Trump boasting about committing sexual assault surfaced, a number of women have come forward, recounting their own ghastly experience with the former reality TV star. 

The latest of these is adult film producer Jessica Drake, 42, who has performed in the industry since she was 24. Drake claims to have met Trump 10 years ago at a golf event where both of them went for a walk.

Later that day, Trump invited her to his suite and, feeling unsafe, Drake took two of her friends along. She alleges that Trump kissed her friends and her without consent. After they left, Trump called her twice, inviting her to a party. She declined both times, after which Trump called to ask her "how much" does she want.

Trump's Gettysburg's speech also managed to include some actual policy items he plans to usher in during his presidency. These included imposing term limits on members of Congress, a ban on lobbying in the White House and a halt on hiring in the federal workforce.

One important point in his speech was his resolve to block the impending deal between AT&T and Time Warner. He emphatically said that such deals "destroy democracy."

Trump also backtracked on his previous statements on the infamous wall. He announced that instead of making Mexico pay for ideas produced of his own whim, he will build the wall from taxpayers' money (how else?), and make Mexico reimburse the costs later.

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