“We expect them to be model students, and when they aren’t, we’re disappointed. We’re not afraid to kick someone off campus.”

A fraternity at the Florida International University was suspended after leaked group chats showed nude photos of women, rape jokes, references to pedophilia and anti-Semitic memes.

Last month, screenshots of the disturbing group chats were emailed anonymously to the university’s administrators. As soon as the emails were received, the authorities launched an investigation that later connected the chats to the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

The screenshots showed more than 108 frat members were part of the insensitive conversation. They exchanged inappropriate comments about a sorority member who died and also talked about having sex with underage girls.

The frat members also talked about drug sales and also called sorority girls s****. They also made jokes such as, “it’s not rape if she enjoys it.”

The group chats were sent to the administrators in July but the authorities took no action against the members as they were unable to link it to the fraternity. The chats were once again emailed last month but this time the message was spread among sorority girls and media outlets.

The sorority girls then helped connect the chat to the fraternity and helped identify students from their nicknames in the conversation.

“Let me be clear: The alleged behavior is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Such actions conflict with our values; that is not who we are. The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution has investigated and brought charges against the fraternity. If found responsible, the student organization may be barred from campus. In addition, FIU Police is investigating to determine if a crime has been committed,” said FIU's Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Lunsford.

He further added, “We expect them to be model students, and when they aren’t we’re disappointed. We’re not afraid to kick someone off campus.”

Krista Schmidt, FIU’s student government president, said, “Whatever we could do that’s in our power, we did. We thought it wasn’t right. One person could have stepped up and said something. If we could empower more people to be that one person, this stuff wouldn’t happen.”

In 2013, the university’s fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha was suspended over leaked Facebook posts that showed drug selling and comments on hazing.

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