Forget all about carving pumpkins this Halloween and try your hand at succulent pumpkins. This DIY creation is actually super easy and fun.

Pretty much everyone loves fall.

Anything and everything that’s made with pumpkin hits the store shelves, Starbucks starts selling their pumpkin spice latte drinks, and our warm sweaters come down from the attic.

What autumn also brings is Halloween, and, of course, one of the most entertaining fall traditions of them all: carving pumpkins.

If you’re one of those people who can't stand the feeling of pumpkin guts being caught in between your fingers, worry no more because there seems to be a new trend emerging: Halloween succulent pumpkins. There’s no carving required whatsoever, and this beautiful alternative will have you looking like Martha Stewart no matter what kind of skills (or lack thereof) you have in the crafting department. 

So, check out these super easy DIY instructions on how to make these cool Halloween pumpkins that comes with no mess, no fuss, and will have everyone swooning. 

What you need: 


Spray adhesive

Glue gun



Step 1:

Be sure before you start to lay down newspaper or butcher paper to protect your workspace, and if you’re doing this inside, also make sure that you’re in a well-ventilated area since you will be using spray adhesive. Then, gather the pumpkins you plan on decorating and coat the top of them with your adhesive spray. 

Step 2:

If you want, you can spray your moss with a layer of adhesive before sitting it on top of the pumpkins. You are then going to take the moss and press firmly down, holding it for a few seconds to make sure that the moss will stick to your pumpkins. 

Step 3:

You will take all the cool succulent cuttings you purchased and glue the ends to the pumpkin using a glue gun. Hold down each piece for a few seconds while you’re gluing so it stays properly.

Step 4:

As you’re arranging your various succulents, be sure to add different shapes, colors, sizes and textures to make your creation fun and vibrant. Be sure to move your pumpkin around so that all the sides are equally embellished and wonderful.

If you want further help, here is a visual step-by-step on how to make your pumpkin succulents

Now for some inspiration with your succulent pumpkin, here are a few that will definitely make you re-think ever carving a jack-o'-lantern again.




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