If you’re feeling unsure about voting for Clinton in the wake of her email scandal, then have a look at all the Trump controversies to make an informed decision.

Ever since news emerged that the FBI might want to re-examine investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, Trump has been cashing in on the scandal — yet again — by citing it as a legitimate reason to not vote for her on Election Day.

"As you know, the FBI has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton and discovered — you heard this yesterday, it’s hard to believe — and discovered another 650,000 emails. Hillary lied under oath when she said she turned over all of her work-related emails — just one more lie out of so many," Trump said at a recent campaign event in Michigan.

Even though it’s not yet confirmed if all the 650,000 emails are directly related to Clinton, Trump decided to cash in on the number anyway.

And it’s not the first time he has done it.

It has been observed that whenever a controversy emerges involving the boorish billionaire, which, by the way, happens fairly often, he tries to distract people by mentioning Clinton’s email investigation.

So, going by Trump’s logic, if American voters should think twice before electing Clinton for president in light of the email investigation, then they should also revisit the plethora of controversies surrounding Trump to make an informed decision.

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At least 12 women, so far, have come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault. Trump was also accused of raping a 13-year-old girl Trump University was accused of committing fraud to pocket millions of dollars Trump was accused of using money from his charity to settle his own legal problems Trump acknowledged not paying federal income taxes for over 18 years — and even called himself “smart” for doing that Trump was accused of committing insurance fraud after Florida hurricane Trump allegedly violated Cuban embargo, then lied about it Trump said trying Americans in Guantanamo "would be fine" Trump called for more torture and related techniques to deal with inmates Trump called for using nukes Trump insinuated his Democratic rival's assassination, twice Trump fat-shamed former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, yet again Trump suggested women need 'some form of punishment' for abortion Trump made fun of a disabled man at a rally Trump delivered a racist remark about a judge Trump called Mexicans “rapists” Trump proposed a Nazi-esque ban on Muslims Trump insulted a war veteran Trump insulted the family of a war veteran Trump called climate change a hoax Trump allegedly deleted emails in casino lawsuit

All of these controversies emerged as the Republican nominee kept on harping on the Clinton email scandal.

In almost all of the cases, his only rebuttal to the allegations was “Clinton’s emails.”

If Trump thinks a legal issue is something that should deter voters from choosing Clinton, then it would be interesting to know what he has to say about the 75 pending lawsuits against himself.

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