“Gosh, if I got a green card and went to Brussels wouldn’t that be fun?” exclaimed Nigel Farage with a huge grin on his face.

Nigel Farage, the former leader of U.K. Independence Party who stepped down from his position after playing pivotal role in the Brexit, would like to serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s ambassador to the European Union.

Yes, it’s not only the opposites that attract, it appears.

Calling 2016 the “the year of two great political revolutions” ahead of the election results, Farage claimed Trump has been so successful because “the political class is reviled across much of the West.”  

(Reminder: Trump did call the presidential election “Brexit Plus, Plus, Plus”).

However, Farage, who famously campaigned for the bigoted U.S. billionaire, was evasive when asked if he had already discussed a position with Trump — but he did admit he would accept American citizenship if it meant he could have a job in Donald Trump’s government.

“Well, it has been speculated on, it has been joked about,” the former UKIP chief said with a huge grin. “Gosh, if I got a green card and went to Brussels wouldn’t that be fun? I don’t really think it’s going to happen.”

In order to work for the first U.S. president with no military or political experience, Farage would have to revoke the citizenship of his birth country — meaning the man who campaigned to get the U.K. out of the E.U. would not even be a British citizen anymore.

“All I can say is... this election is very simple: It's rather like Brexit. It's do you want a change, or do you want to stick exactly as you are? That's what it's all about,” he told ITV’s “The Agenda” program. “If he did offer me a job I would quite like to be his ambassador to the European Union. I think I would do that job very well.”

Farage is expected to finally be relieved of his Ukip leadership next month. Moreover, he will also lose his job as a Member of the European Parliament once Brexit is complete and U.K. leaves the EU.

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