A teenage Donald Trump supporter was reportedly removed from the candidate’s campaign rally for his dark complexion.

Donald Trump has stooped so low in his political campaign that he even had one of his staff members boot one of his supporters from one of his campaign rallies.

Jake Anantha, 18, was accused by Trump’s security of being a known protestor and the teenager and his father believed he was removed from the rally in Charlotte, North Carolina because of his dark skin, Raw Story reported.

“It’s unbelievably ironic,” Ramesh Anantha, the boy’s father, said. His son is a young person of color and “should have been looked at as a perfect Trump supporter. He should’ve been somebody they’re putting up on stage.”

Jake Anantha’s parents immigrated to the United States from India and he supported Trump’s past racist remarks towards immigrants.  

“When I saw him on TV, I personally didn’t mind his rhetoric,” the teenager, who wore a Trump shirt at the rally, said. “I defended him. When people called him a racist, I said he’s a critic of our flawed immigration system. He’s strong on Islamic terrorism.”

The 18-year-old attempted to enter the campaign rally at the Charlotte Convention Center when a security guard at the event tapped the boy on the shoulder and escorted him out.

“We know who you are. You’ve been at many other rallies,” the staffer said to him, accusing the teenager of being a protester, when he was actually a Trump supporter.

The Republican presidential candidate's event was private and his staff chose who could stay and leave the event and police told him and his father to not cause a scene so the two wouldn’t get arrested.

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Jake realized that he was in the minority at the event, and believed one of the reasons he was kicked out was because of the color of his dark skin.

“I thought [Trump] was for all people. I don't believe he is for all people anymore,” he said. “Why are all these white people allowed to attend and I'm not?”

Ramesh and Jake blame Trump for the type of staff he employs in his campaign.

"It was a very rude introduction into the world of politics," said Ramesh. “We realize Donald Trump himself had nothing to do with this problem, but it's the type of campaign he's running.”

Both men requested an apology for the incident and Jake has chosen to no longer vote from Trump and will be voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson instead.

It’s no surprise that Trump allows his staff to discriminate attendees of his political events because that is the kind of bigoted, racist person he continues to be. 

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