A beauty blogger has come under fire after sharing what appeared to be a slave-inspired make-up tutorial, but she says that her post is being misinterpreted.

Here we go again.

Despite the fact that several makeup artists and beauty bloggers have been called out for displaying blackface online, it continues to happen.

Percem Akin, a makeup artist from Istanbul, Turkey, is currently getting dragged on social media for her very offensive post that pretty much shows her giving a blackface tutorial.

Percem shared a photo of her transformation on Instagram, using questionable hashtags such as #blackwoman #sadmakeup, and #slave.

Not only did her look consist of blackface, but it also included a headscarf and facial scars. Obviously, she did not get the memo about blackface, before sharing her "slave"-inspired makeup.

Right away, she received heavy criticism, which led to her deleting both her YouTube tutorial and her Instagram photo.  Since the backlash, she has also set her Instagram account to private. A number of people have taken to social media calling her offensive makeup “ignorant” and “racist”.



The makeup artist in an interview with Buzzfeed and noted, "This post is for a movie character in my country. Directors came and asked me: Could you do this? And the movie is about the fucking racism which is rising all around the world. So this is not my design and not my idea because I am just a makeup artist, not a director, you know."


She also told the platform her original hashtag read #slayer, which is the title of the movie, and that she would be taking legal action against the person who changed it to say #slave.

"We are not living in America or Africa, so finding any black model is so difficult in here," she told BuzzFeed. "I have never thought that this is racist while i am doing this. I just try to see pure beauty behind the pain who have it.”

Social media users have also reached out to NYX Cosmetics because Akin is an affiliate artist and they are asking the cosmetic brand to cut ties with her.



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