Donald Trump unleashed a stream of hateful tweets against the former Miss Universe, which included passing off a lie that she once appeared in porn.

Donald Trump attacked ex-Miss Universe Alicia Machado again this week, using a barrage of ill-founded tweets to further trash her reputation.

Unfortunately, Machado has become a source of debate between the two presidential candidates, and is now more frequently Googled than Kim Kardashian, BuzzFeed reported.

As if Trump hasn’t done enough unwarranted damage to Machado’s reputation already, early on Friday he suggested that people should “check out sex tape and past” of “disgusting” Machado.

According to Snopes, Machado did appear in Playboy topless, but comparing a sex tape to showing some cleavage in a softcore magazine is like comparing apples and oranges, anyhow.

Besides, Trump should know better than to try to damage a woman’s name for making nude appearances. His current wife, Melania Trump, is widely known to have posed naked in magazines, as the New York Post reported in August.

Furthermore, Trump’s claim that he possesses her — calling Machado “my worst Miss Universe” simply because she appeared in the beauty pageant he owned — is appallingly low and reeks of misogyny.

Hillary Clinton responded that Trump’s attack was “unhinged, even for Trump.” She wrote on Twitter, “What kind of man stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?”

To describe Trump’s display of fierce sexism hurled at Machado as “bullying” is a severe understatement. Clearly, the GOP candidate simply hates women. His creepy obsession over Machado and her body gives no reason for the public to think otherwise. 

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