14-Year-Old Entrepreneur Turned Down $30M For His Genius Invention

A 14-year-old developed first-aid vending machines after realizing how difficult it was to get supplies to treat minor injuries at outdoor event spaces.

Taylor Rosenthal

An Alabama teen named Taylor Rosenthal is the CEO of his own company called RecMed, which makes first-aid vending machines for public venues.

The machine would dispense Band-Aids and other first-aid necessities, which is perfect for places likes amusement parks, stadiums, and other outdoor event locations where such products aren’t easily accessible if someone gets hurt.

According to Uproxx, Rosenthal is set to have a prototype available by September, but he has already raised $100,000 in investments and he’s chosen to maintain control over his idea by rejecting a $30 million buyout offer for the product.

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Rosenthal, 14, developed this innovative idea as a young baseball player who noticed that whenever someone got hurt on the field, parents and officials didn’t always have first-aid kits readily available.

He began his entrepreneurial journey by selling pre-packaged medical kits at games, but he realized it would be more efficient to develop vending machines.

The machines would also benefit him monetarily by taking away the expense of having to pay a person to conduct the transactions.

In addition to making life much easier for people when minor injuries occur, the machines would also help medical staff at event spaces that cater to large crowds.

If people with little scrapes and bruises could just get what they need from the machine, it would allow medical staff to focus on treating more severe injuries.

Rosenthal developed a win-win situation for everyone, pure genius!

The teen admitted that being such a young CEO can be hard to balance with school and other priorities; he also said it’s sometimes difficult to get adults to take him seriously, but those obstacles are not discouraging him from working hard to take his idea to the next level. 

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