Starbucks Chairman Warns Staff Of Economic 'Chaos' Brought On By Trump

During a meeting with his supporting staff, Starbucks' former CEO and current chairman, Howard Schultz, said America and its consumers are under "pressure."

Starbucks logo inside of one of the coffee chain's locations.It isn't news that President Donald Trump's experience as a businessman may actually end up putting the country further in debt, but what many may have only started to notice recently is that his policies will also hurt the United States economy.

Now, Starbucks' former CEO and current chairman, Howard Schultz, is warning his own staff about the long-term consequences.

In a leaked video taken in February, Schultz tells the company's support staff that “[t]he world is screwed up. People are unsettled,” and Trump has a lot to do with it, Business Insider reports.

“We have a president that is creating episodic chaos every single day, and that is no doubt affecting consumer behavior,” Schultz is seen telling the audience.

Worse yet, he explained, this chaos is putting “a tremendous amount of pressure and anxiety [on] America.”

In order to fight the sentiment of division and hatred that is pitting Americans against Americans, Schultz said companies like Starbucks have an antidote, which he described as being “the sense of community, the third place, and the environment that we create around family.”

The footage, which was obtained by Business Insider, is from a meeting that followed reports the company would hire 10,000 refugees. The pledge took place after Trump made it even more difficult for people fleeing war and misery abroad to come to America.

At the time, Schultz published an open letter saying that his actions had “called into question” the American dream. But before then, in December 2016, Schultz told CNBC that Starbucks was not at odds with Trump or his supporters on any level.

As a Hillary Clinton supporter during the 2016 presidential election, Schultz may have been trying to keep his hopes high prior to Trump's inauguration at the time, but as he started seeing the president's policies affecting businesses across the nation, he may have decided to be even louder about it.

While in the past, Schultz hasn't missed any opportunity to hit back at the administration, the message in this particular video was only leaked now, at the end of May. Should he have come out with the same message as early as February, and would it have mattered then?

With economic issues varying from farmers no longer being able to find workers to companies that rely on tourists seeing a considerable drop in demand, it's obvious that companies like Starbucks are also concerned about the future. What's left for us to figure out is whether these companies are willing to be more involved in the debate. If they do not openly discuss the consequences of Trump's policies, the public won't realize there's a problem until it's too late.

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