Ford Refutes Trump's Lies On Move To Mexico: 'We Will Be Here Forever'

Ford had a quick reply to Trump’s hyperbolic statement that all American jobs will be lost due to the car manufacturer’s new plant opening up in Mexico.

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Donald Trump’s campaign is founded upon taking advantage of a number of fears that the everyday person in the United States has, including losing their jobs.

On Wednesday at an African-American Methodist church in Flint, Michigan, Trump misspoke when he said that Ford, the American car manufacturer will be taking away the jobs of those working in their U.S. manufacturing plants. A Ford spokesperson immediately refuted his claims, according to a CNN report.

Trump had told the congregation, “It was just announced that Ford is moving all small car production – all of it, 100 percent – to Mexico over the next two to three years.”

On Thursday, Trump elaborated on this during a Fox News interview, stating that Ford will “fire all its employees in the United States” since it’s building a factory in Mexico.

Now, these statements would be pretty alarming, especially if you’re a Ford employee or you’re vehemently against the idea of purchasing a foreign-made car. Either way, Trump was put in place by none other than Ford itself, whose spokesperson shut down the GOP candidate’s falsehoods.

Spokeswoman Christine Baker sought to deescalate any negative repercussions Trump’s comment may have evoked. Speaking on behalf of the corporation, she said, “Ford has been in the United States for more than 100 years. Our home is here. We will be here forever.”

Trump had further stated in Flint, “We shouldn’t allow it to happen. [Mexicans will] make their cars, they’ll employ thousands and thousands of people not from this country and they’ll sell the cars through a very weak border – no tax, no nothing. And we’ll have nothing but more unemployment in Flint and Michigan.”

The underlying consensus from the automaker is that no U.S. jobs will be lost to any Ford plants opening up in Mexico. CNN stated that the Ford factory in Wayne, Michigan, which is west of Detroit, will begin producing different, larger car models, most likely the Ford Bronco SUV and the Ranger pickup, after the opening of the Mexico plant.

The problem with Trump, however, is that his supporters will back him regardless of what he says. No matter how much dirt the media can dig up about the presidential hopeful, it seems his popularity will remain unwavering.

Banner photo credit: Reuters

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