#GrabYourWallet Boycott Hits Retailers Associated With Trump Family

Among the many ways people are protesting Donald Trump’s election, the “Grab Your Wallet” campaign aims to boycott businesses associated with the Trump brand.

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Directly following Donald Trump’s presidential win, Americans throughout the nation took to the streets to march and hold group demonstrations in protest of the election results.

Since then, countless movements have been sparked, offering a variation of ways that people can really stick it to Trump.

One of those efforts includes the #GrabYourWallet campaign, which was originally launched prior to Election Day in response to Trump’s vulgar statements about sexual assault, but has gained momentum post-election.

The movement calls for people to steer clear of companies and individuals that stock products sold by any of the Trump family businesses as well as entities led by executives who support Trump.

Marketing specialist Shannon Coulter co-founded the movement after some Trump critics were seeking ways to voice their dissatisfaction through their spending, according to CBS Moneywatch.

“College-educated women in particular are well aware of the epic consumer power they wield, and they’re flexing that power,” Coulter reportedly told CBS.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has actually been a central focus of the movement based on the notion that she exploited her dad’s presidential platform to sell her clothing and shoes, which are carried in numerous retail stores nationwide.

For example, after her dad’s election, Ivanka’s company sent an email to fashion writers promoting a $10,800 gold bracelet that she wore on “60 Minutes” in an interview about her father’s plans for the presidency.

The boycott has picked up so much steam that Shoes.com reportedly removed Ivanka’s shoes from its website. On the heels of this victory, #GrabYourWallet is also calling for people to stop shopping at major retailers including Nordstrom, Amazon, and Macy’s.

“Flexing our consumer power is one of the primary ways we can lobby for an inclusive, big-hearted America over a hateful, divisive one,” Coulter said.

New Balance — which has made headlines for being dubbed as the “official shoes of white people” — is also on the list of companies to boycott after one of its executives said that Trump’s presidency would result in favorable trade policies for the popular shoe manufacturer. According to TIME, there are a total of almost 50 companies on the list to boycott.

In addition to “grabbing your wallet," another spending-based effort against Trump that has gained traction is to donate to organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Some have used their donations to Planned Parenthood to target Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s pro-life extremism by submitting their contributions in his name.

The movement may not be hitting Trump directly in his own pockets, but it’s certainly sending a strong message and could make a significant impact if it continues to grow. More businesses would be pressured to break ties with the Trump brand in order to retain their clientele. 

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