Pollution In China Is So Bad, Residents Are Buying Canned Air

Two entrepreneurs saw an opportunity ripe with possibility; put clean air into a can and send it to China for A$20 a pop — and it’s really working.

Two entrepreneurs decided to sell fresh air in cans to those living in the most heavily-polluted areas of China—and it’s a big hit!

John Dickinson and Theo Ruygrok are the co-founders of Green and Clean Air, a company that works to put fresh, clean air into cans from iconic locations all over Australia for customers in heavily-polluted areas of China (and other countries in the world) at AU$20 a pop.

"Each [can] holds upwards of one hundred and thirty deep breaths," Dickinson said to 7 News. "[You] take off the lid, put the lid on the end, the cap fits over the mouth… and take a deep breath of pure air."

Although it might seem crazy to put air in a can to sell, it’s exactly what those struggling with heavy pollution want.

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"The air pollution is very heavy now in China so we all love the pure air from Australia," Chinese personal shopper Vivian Zhou told 7 News. "I buy the air from Australia for my clients and I post it back to them."

Yahoo! News points out that while bottled water sounded ridiculous in the 1980s (why pay for something you can get for free from the tap?), Australians now spend half-a-billion dollars a year on it—that may be the way canned air will be in 30 years.

This also brings to mind the internet-famous sculpture by Will Ferreira in which a man has a breathing mask connected to a lone tree. It’s incredibly sad to see that humanity is rushing towards pollution so great that fresh, clean air has to be brought in from other counties—but it appears we have hit that mark in history. Hopefully this news will help some to wake up to the realities of the state of the environment. 

Banner Image Credit: Global Panorama/Flickr

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