Starbucks Introduces New Ingredient: Nitrogen Gas

Starbucks is set to join other coffee companies in offering customers a nitrogen gas-infused beverage that will be sweet and frothy without sugar or dairy.


Starbucks is known for their creative spin on caffeinated beverages, but the company may be crossing the line with the introduction of a new coffee infused with nitrogen gas.

Starbucks is set to roll out the new “Nitro Cold Brew” in July at 500 locations; however, nitrogen-infused coffee is not actually a brand new concept.

Other coffee chains such as Portland-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee already serve their variations of the beverage, according to Tech Times.

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Despite the fact that this already exists, it’s no secret that in the world of coffee having Starbucks’ stamp of approval instantly elevates a product and essentially ensures it will reach more consumers.

The beverage will reportedly give customers a sweeter and creamier cup of java, but will only come cold and there will be no decaf version available.

An interesting point to note is that while the nitrogen gives the drink sweetness and frothiness, it is completely dairy and sugar-free

“Nitro coffee has been under development at Starbucks for about a year. Cold brew was a natural choice given the blend of beans and quality of roast," Starbucks coffee education specialist Mackenzie Karr reportedly said.

It’s obvious that Starbucks is trying any and everything to cater to all the types of coffee drinkers that exist so they can remain on top as the head honcho of coffee.

But, this is a java experience that will surely come as a bizarre addition to the chain’s signature list of drinks that include less alarming ingredients. 

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