5 Inspirational Movies That Will Turn Your Life Around

If you’re down in the dumps and wondering how to deal with the situation, these five movies are sure to give you a whole new perspective.

“The world is your oyster. Its up to you to find the pearls.” 
 Chris GardnerThe Pursuit of Happyness

We go to the movies to escape, to be mesmerized by world different than our own. But hiding in all of that entertainment are movies that help us look inside ourselves and manage to leave a permanent mark. 

Here are five movies that can lift you up on the darkest days and serve as inspiration.

The Pursuit of Happyness



From salesman to Wall Street legend, The Pursuit of Happiness is based on the true story of Chris Gardener. The movie revolves around Will Smith and his 5-year-old son, who are seen struggling through life after being evicted from their apartment. Single father Chris soon finds himself sleeping on the streets with his child, and is facing severe problems finding a job. However with each other’s support and trust, Chris work day and night, leading him to become a Wall Street legend.

The Bucket List



Teaching people to live in the moment and chase their dreams, this movie depicts the story of two men who are complete strangers but become each other's rock. The billionaire (Jack Nicholson) and car mechanic (Morgan Freeman) end up sharing a hospital room and  find themselves connected with the common desire to accept who they are and what they’ve done in their lives, and also complete a list of things they wanted to do and see before they die. The two manage to escape the hospital's cancer ward and set out on an adventure together, checking off their bucket list before they die.

It’s a Wonderful Life



George Bailey (James Stewart) has lost all hope in life and is wishing he never came into the world, until an angel (Henry Travers) comes along to make his wishes come true. George is made to realize how many lives he has impacted and changed for the better, and how the world is a darker place if he was never born. The movie has been included in the 100 best ever American films made and was nominated for five Academy Awards.

The Diary of Anne Frank



The Diary of Anne Frank is based on the real diary entries of Anne frank, a Jewish girl who experienced World War II in hiding along with her family. The young girl maintained a daily diary, penning the details of the Nazi threat along with family dynamics, which was later discovered by her father and published. The film went on to win three Academy Awards in 1960 and is also known as one of the moist inspiring American films.

127 Hours



Based on the life of Aron Ralston, 127 Hours revolves around a real-life incident when the canyoneer was trapped by a boulder in the Blue John Canyon, Utah. James Franco, playing Aron, knows he has scant time to live without drastic action and begins to record a video diary of his experiences. The movie was nominated for six Academy awards, including best actor and best film.

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