Watch Adam Driver Surprise Deserving Military Family With Scholarship

The actor drove all the way to Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania, to present a disabled serviceman’s daughter with the Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship.

Before most of the world knew him as Adam Sackler on hit HBO series “Girls” and Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” actor Adam Driver served in the U.S. Marine Corps and was due to be deployed to Iraq.

However, he broke his sternum in a mountain biking accident right before deployment and was medically discharged, which is why he was able to relate to the story of a military family in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania.

John Williams was also injured right before being deployed as well. Unfortunately, his injury was much more serious, leaving him with limited mobility. Over the past 20 years, William has undergone multiple back surgeries.

After his daughter, Haley, wrote to the Folds of Honor Foundation, an organization that provides scholarships for families of fallen and injured soldiers, and shared her father's story, Driver teamed up with the nonprofit and Budweiser to make her dreams come true.

The actor drove all the way to Pennsylvania to present the young nursing student, who has been working 40 hours a week to cover the $44,000 it costs to afford her final year, with the Folds of Honor Foundation Scholarship.

“They sent me your letter. I was in the military, too,” Driver told the surprised family. “I felt so guilty that I didn't really get to finish my service.”

The short Budweiser documentary, posted above, shows the Williamses’ emotional reaction to the news.

“I feel very privileged to be a part of the work that Folds of Honor and Budweiser are doing in their support of our military community and highlighting the importance of the family surrounding them,” Driver said in a statement.

Budweiser has reportedly helped fund around 2,200 scholarships over the past six years with Folds of Honor, according to the Huff Po.

“I was very touched by Hayley and her family’s story and wanted to be of service to them,” the actor explained. “Getting a front row seat to them absorbing why I was in their kitchen and that Budweiser and Folds of Honor would be covering the remainder of her education is something I won’t easily forget.”

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