Amy Schumer Gets Serious About Gun Victims, Belly Fat In Award Speech

Amy Schumer honors shooting victims and addresses other important issues, in her hilarious acceptance speech at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

When Amy Schumer was presented the MVP Award in Critics’ Choice Award, the standing ovation was proof that nobody in the room was more deserving of the honor — and her acceptance speech couldn’t have been better.

The Trainwreck actress started her hilarious speech on a self-deprecating note.

“This is so boring. I’m so sorry, you guys.” she said. “Who cares? Shut up, Amy!”

She expressed disbelief at her success in 2015 and in an emotional moment, thanked critics for making her feel “seen and heard.” She apologized to the managers whom she fired, saying that she chose others who could help her make more money.

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Schumer also addressed gender bias in Hollywood in a perfectly subtle way. The star gestured to her belly and joked: "Thank you for this trophy, covering the reason I have to write my own stuff. If you're an actress and you have 'this area' right here, you have to write your own stuff if you wanna get it made.”

Amy Schumer

The 34-year-old actress went on to poke fun of her photo shoot for the Pirelli calendar, a veiled reference towards sexualization of women in the movie industry. She added she expects people to call her “brave” for doing a revealing photo shoot.

Her most moving note came at the end of the speech when she thanked two victims of the Louisiana theater shooting and brought attention to the issue of gun violence prevalent in the country.

The actress was also nominated as the best actress in a comedy and had to go on stage to receive her second award for Trainwreck. On the way up, she broke her shoe heel, but the unfazed actress was still able to make an adorable speech for her sister. You can watch the second speech below:

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