'Bad Lip Reading' Hilariously Takes On Sanders And Clinton

“Bad Lip Reading,” the famous YouTube video that creates videos of nonsensical yet oddly plausible voice-overs, just took on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

The infamous “Bad Lip Reading” YouTube channel was made famous for taking clips of movies, debates, and commercials and adding confusing, hilarious, and yet convincing voice-overs that are simply hysterical.

"Bad Lip Reading" has put out some amazing videos recently using “highlights” from the Democratic and Republican debates, and they have even crafted a hilarious video using Ted Cruz’s campaign commercials. Their latest endeavor, however, might just be the best one yet.

Using some clips from the latest Democratic debate, "Bad Lip Reading" created a side-splitting video of presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton arguing about what they like to eat and other random things.

They even created a tiny segment called “Act it Out” that will have you in stitches!

Check out the video below:

Banner Image Credit: Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

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